I’ve seen a lot of print shirts in recent menswear collection, Neighbourhood print shirts caught my eye but I wasn’t quick enough to get my hands on one, but then I remembered this Balenciaga print shirt from 2013. Oh! my! was I happy it was still fresh and nicely kept? that's what happens when you take good care of your designer clothes, ( I’ll write about that soon). Anyway, here is my take on how to wear print shirts.

How to wear a print shirt
1. Keep it simple/ Wear plain trousers or Jeans
I always keep it simple when I wear a print shirt. I have to wear a plain bottom trousers or jeans.  Here I’m wearing a Saint Laurent slim-fit jeans. You can also keep it simple by wearing same pattern top and shorts with a plain coloured shoe to compliment it.
How to wear a print shirt
2. Keep  accessories minimal
When accessorising as well, i keep it minimal not wearing busy colour wrist watch or bracelets, but also wearing complimentary colours, My wrist watch is by Uniform Wares and the Bracelets are by Miansai
How to wear a print shirt
3. Wear complimentary colour shoes
Finally when picking an outfit it normally starts with the shoes for me, since I’m wearing a print shirt, I chose my favourite Vans X Supreme Collaboration which is in black and white and also compliments my black jeans and print shirt.