Most guys would shy away from wearing bright colors, this is because it is presumed that bright colors take away your masculinity. But latest menswear trend has shown a lot of bright colors, with ASAP Rocky wearing a yellow Balenciaga's jacket in February and Drake wearing a yellow Moncler puffer jacket, I think this is right time to try some colors.
Right Color for your skin tone
If you’re dark skinned like me, Gentleman the world is yours as our skin tone allows us to wear a wide range if not all colors. And if you’ve got a lighter skin tone you can wear colors with shades that are slightly brighter than you or darker than you are, basically, don’t wear shades of colors that are too close to your skin tone.
I have always loved wearing colors though it is a bit tricky I keep it safe by wearing colors that can be found in nature or something close. I do not agree with mixing two bright colors that are not of the same palettes.
When wearing bright colors it is important to keep it minimal, what I always do is either wear it as a top and bottom with a black shoe or sneaker or wear it as a top with a black or darker colored bottom and similar color shoe or sneaker, like I’m wearing here. 

 What I'm wearing

Here I am wearing a Gucci Jumper, the jeans are Saint Laurent's Slim-Fit 15cm Hem Crinkled Stretch-Denim and also the Chelsea boots are from Saint Laurent. I'm also wearing my favorite Miansai Bracelet with two rings one from Versace and the other and Saint Laurent.