Having an iPhone has its advantages for bloggers, in the sense that it takes good pictures just as if it was taken on a camera, here are a few things to consider on how to take amazing pictures on your iPhone.

1. Getting the angle right/ Symmetry
The first thing you want to do is get the angle right, Photos look nicer and artistic if there is some symmetry to it. Symmetry is what turns a normal picture into a professional picture. What I do is I make sure i am standing right in the middle and give it some kind of equal spaces on both sides like in the photo below you can see how I am standing in the middle and it gives the photo some artistic effect
Iphonography 101
2. Lighting
Lighting is very important, as you want to get as much natural lighting as possible. I’ll say don’t shoot in the sun, as its hard to get rid of shadows when editing photos, but rather look for a shade or shoot when the sun is not shining the most. The mornings and evenings are the best times. Make sure the light is on you and you’re not backing the light.
Iphonography 101
3. Steady Hands
Another important tips to taking a picture with your iPhone is to keep your hands steady as the slightest shake could make your picture blurry, I’ll say Invest in an iPhone tripod, or make sure your friend or who ever is shooting you is in a comfortable position so as to avoid shaking.
4. Adobe Lightroom/Snapseed
Finally, I use Lightroom or Snapseed to edit my photos. I use lightroom on the computer and when I’m on the go I use the mobile edition, I sometimes use snapseed but only for pictures that do not need must editing. On lightroom, I adjust the lighting and temperature and remove shadows and I also crop the photos to make it a perfect size.
Iphonography 101

I am wearing Acne Studios, all through except the sneakers which are Adidas Originals, Stan Smith.