I am writing about procrastinating because I know how hard it is to get tasks done or even start a task. Writing this post took me two weeks all because I kept procrastinating, each time I thought of writing it I kept telling myself I'm not ready and need more inspiration. So this is to myself and anybody else out there who wants to get things done but can't seem to start or even finish. 
Be proactive (Self- Driven)
Firstly in order to be efficient and effective, you need to be proactive. Being proactive means being ready before something happens, it simply means having a behavior that anticipates, is change-oriented and also self-driven. If you’re not proactive then you’re reactive which means you don’t anticipate change and wait for things to happen before responding.
Having a can-do attitude helps when trying to accomplish a task or goal. 
Have the end goal in mind always (Planning)
The second step to getting things done is planning. But in order to have a plan, you need to have a very clear picture of your end goal.
For Example, If you’re planning on building a house the first step is to draw a plan of the house. This is also the same for every goal you’re trying to achieve, you need to lay down your plans and put it in INK, notice the INK in capital letters, it is because I am trying to lay emphasis on writing on paper in this social media generation. It helps you have a retentive memory of what you have written down. So, write your goals down clearly. after this has been done, break down each step you need to take to reach your goal.
Having a clear picture of what you want to achieve in terms of your goal is a very important step in planning.
Put first things first, Prioritising, time management (To- Do List)
Lastly, to avoid procrastinating, it is very important to create a to-do list for every goal you want to achieve. Prioritizing the to-do list starting with the most important and urgent tasks followed by the important but not urgent tasks. It is also important to set deadlines for each task. Prioritizing and proper time management keeps us from procrastinating.
I have tried practicing this 3 steps anytime I have a task at hand and I can say it helps a lot but most importantly the drive has to come from within. If you’re not self-driven you wouldn’t be able to push yourself out of your comfort zone.