This is my first post this year and I know I promised myself to be more consistent this year even though its March Already. I’ve set some blog goals I want to attain this year, as I have been blogging inconsistently for more than 3 years now, I want to take blogging on full time. So by the end of the year, I'll like to achieve the following goals for my blog. 

Blog Goals

  1. Increase Instagram followers and blog subscription.
  2. Collaborate with brands and photographers
  3. Travel with my blog.
Increase Instagram followers and blog subscription.
Top of my blog goals is that I want to increase my blog reach and also the subscription to my blog, as easy as it is, it's something I’ve been struggling with due to my inconsistency. My plan to achieve this is to post weekly on the blog and also post daily on Instagram and engage more on social media in terms of posting photos and exchanging comments. 
Collaborate with brands and Photographers.
I think Collaboration is the key to growth as you get to reach a new set of audiences who wouldn't normally visit your blog. I will really love to do collaborations with brands that I like, and also with photographers so hopefully if any brand or photographer is reading this. Hit me up via the contact me button on the left lets work!
Travel with my blog.
I’ve always loved traveling even before my blogging days, I plan to travel this year but not just travel, I want to document it and share it here on my blog. Hopefully, I'll be able to write another blog post by the end of the year on how I achieved all the goals.
Here I am wearing a Supreme Coat, AMI shirt, Acne Studios trousers, Gucci Sneakers.